Friday, 21 March 2014

Oculus Rift DK2 vs DK1 + Simulator!

The long awaited Oculus Rift Development Kit version 2 is out and it looks great. Positional tracking is there even though the geeky spots have been hidden behind an infrared filtered plastic housing. Kit comes with a camera custom built by the rift team. The positional tracking is a surprisingly big innovation, it certainly removes one of the biggest sickness and headache inducing aspects of DK1. It is hard to explain - but when you lean into a scene with DK1 it fells like it moves away from you and makes your stomach contents jump up a few inches. Glad to see that gone. The screen resolution is full HD and oLED a vast improvement on the blurry screen-door half HD(720P) DK1 (which still looks amazing by the way). Refresh rate improved from 60 Hz on DK1 to 75Hz on the DK2, hardcore gamers will still be screaming that 100Hz is the best for gaming :D. They have also got rid of the control box with just a single long lead from PC to Rift! This is great! The only downer is that it seems the cool carry case isn't part of the deal - I hope this isn't true. No carry case would be a real downer.

The screen is the biggest jump - what does it mean:

Oculus Rift DK1 Oculus Rift DK2
Screen type LED oLED
Persistance (Blur) High Low
Screen Size 1280 x 720 1920 x 1080
Per Eye 640 x 720 960 x 1080
Pixels per eye 460'800 1'036'800

2.25x BETTER!

Have a look at this clever simulator link - it gives you an idea of how the DK2 measures up to the DK1 and even a guess around what the final consumer version (CV1) will look like:

The future of virtual reality is looking so bright you will have to wear shades :)

As for me... I just ordered one :)

-- Ripper's Dad