Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review of "Terraria" PC Game

Wall of Flesh
I'm going to write a review about a game on steam called terraria.
It is a game about a man in a world full of monsters, the controls are space to jump d and a to walk and mouse click to hit.
It is good becuse it is like 2d minecraft and bad i don't know.
It made me feel like I was there and doing what he was doing.
I think people that like adventure games might like it.
My favourite part was when I was in a temple going down into a dungeon, a giant skull flew toward me and attacked! It scared me alot!
My favourite monster in the game is the Wall of Flesh! See picture.
I would say 9/10. Fantastic!
Here is a gameplay video I found on youtube.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Welcome to the Geek Zone

Hello I'm Ripper. I have made this blog to tell you about all the geeky things I like and have in my house, like computers, phones, ipads, ipods, playstations, PCs, games, comics and models such as Warhammer.

I hope you enjoy this blog, my next post will be about some awesome computer games that are available on Steam today.